Institute for Global Listening and Communication

1 - Day Path to Skillful Listening

  Do you:

*Cut people off in mid-sentence?

*Finish sentences for others?

*Tune out because you "already know where the conversation is going"?

In one day, we can show you the reasons these kinds of habits "feel" more efficient, however they actually foster misunderstandings.

Learn how to:

*Discover the listening "filters" that trigger unproductive habits that lose sales, contribute to reduced revenues and lost customers  

*End "here-we-go-again" misunderstandings with colleagues, family and friends

*Minimize the damage "politics" or gossip can do in your workplace or home

*Listen through" differences in race, religion, age, gender, sexual orientation and professional status

*Find the shared interests and beliefs that bond you with the people that matter most in your life .

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