Institute for Global Listening and Communication

Licensed Training for the Woman's Course




Participants in the LTWCsm program are admitted by invitation only from Dr. Carol McCall. The Licensed Trainer for the Woman's Coursesm (LTWCsm) is the premier training program of the Institute.

It includes all the other training programs.

Upon completion of the LTWCsm program, the participant is a Certified Coach and Trainer for the Institute of Global Listening and Communication.

This is the most advanced training program The Institute offers. It provides a level of personal growth, development and communication training that is the best and most comprehensive offered anywhere.

To be considered as a candidate for the LTWCsm program:

*Have 2 years prior training and/or degree in the mental health field, law, medicine and/or ministry for the two (2) year program.

*Have no prior training or degree in the mental health field, law, medicine and/or ministry for the four (4) year program.

To join the LTWCsm program:

*Attend all Possibility of Woman'ssm Courses (POWsm)
*Attend all training calls during the two (2) or four (4) year program unless prior arrangements have been made at the beginning of each year.

Tri-lead the POWsm with Dr. Carol McCall

and other LTWCssm as designated during training
Certification is for a lifetime

Curriculum includes and not limited to:

*Advanced Coaching Practices
*Advanced Personal Growth strategies
*Advanced Laser Coaching
*Family Systems
*Relationship Systems
*Advance Drama Cycle Practice
*Child and Adult Development Cycles
*Language and Communication Distinctions

For further information regarding the LTWCsm program, contact Dr. Carol McCall.

To set up an appointment, go to the following link and schedule a 30 min. appointment:

or click here to be contacted by Dr.McCall.