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Private Coaching

Pulling All The Puzzle Pieces Together with:

The 12 - One Hour Coaching Sessions

The  twelve one-hour coaching sessions are a practical application of daily living from the nine communication tools that are universal. These tools when consistently practiced, provide a unique plan for living life with simplicity, peace of mind and a "life of no regrets".

Areas of coaching include career/finances, health/recreation, relationships and personal growth.

The program, which is one-on-one personal coaching, provides participants the opportunity to discover how:

*Their listening and communication style form a self-limiting filter through which they view life.

*This filter then becomes a self-fulfilling prophesy

*This filter keeps that special person, dream job or big idea out of reach.

The program focuses on recognizing and reversing this pattern through practical homework exercises that provide breakthrough results.

The program is a powerful addition to The Listening Course (TLC) and provides exponential growth in listening and communication.


*to provide opportunities for meaningful learning, resources and networking

*to establish listening as the major component in communication which establishes powerful relationships, performance and productivity

*to promote individual excellence based on personal standards and unique skill sets


*understanding the role listening plays in the personal and public communication process

*distinguishing between hearing and listening

*understanding the 4 levels of listening

*becoming aware of poor listening habits, personal and public and how to manage them

*applying different listening tools, strategies and principles

*distinguishing between active and passive listening

*understanding the difference in gender listening

*learning the value of attentive silence

*learning "how to" include body language in listening

*learning the difference between "feeling" and "thinking" in communication

*understanding how people use different "filtering systems"

*learning tools that will support the listener to continue to listen even when listening is a challenge

*learning the "words-to-avoid" that contribute to communication conflicts

*learning how to "focus" on listening without criticism, opinion or superficial cooperation


*a heightened experience of intuition and listening

*a deeper experience of listening and being heard

* discovering your own poor listening habits and how to improve them

*fatigue, cynicism, disbelief, going-through-the-motions

*breakthrough, joy freedom, power, courage, capability, wisdom and peace

*listening to provide you the blueprint to "live a life of no regrets"


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