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The Angel Chair Teleclass

The Angel Chair is a success! Here's what women are saying:


"I feel like I've finally been welcomed home! I didn't know I'd left!"...A.C.

"I've discovered that my intuition is "pitch-perfect"...what freedom."...J.G.

"I've found the antidote to my fears and how to replace negative talk."...R.H.

"WOW! Thank you so much! I came, I saw, I faced it, I grew up!"...A.S.

"Imagine that finding the antidote to my fears crossed EVERY facet of my life! Who knew?"...T.R.

1.  The Angel Chair work  is done over a

 6 week previous experience necessary


2.  Each Angel Chair session is 90 minutes in length...


3.  Each woman has adequate time to review, explore and resolve some important issues...

4.  The registration is limited-only 10 participants per group...and...
5.  The tuition is only $250.00 for the total 6 week sessions...
6.This is an opportunity for women to get "laser" work done in a safe setting...
...and in "pajamas"... 

RECOGNIZE your insecurities and change your actions that build your confidence and credibility

END misunderstandings and "drama" that repeat themselves in relationships with loved ones and colleagues.

ACCESS the root cause of your listening "filters" that block your accomplishments and increased efficiencies.

LEARN How to truly communicate from your authentic self . 

Special Offer!
Bring a guest for 
two sessions at no charge!



Register NOW!  Reserve your place!
10 spaces per group per 6 week session.


Special price $250.00

(What A Deal!!! Less than $50/per session)

MasterCard, Visa, Discover and American Express accepted !

No refunds...

The "Angel Chair" Teleconference is being held at two different times:  

Wednesdays at 11A-12:30P (PT)/9P-10:30P IL 

Wednesdays at 6:00P-7:30P(PT)/9P-10:30P ET 

 Mark your calendars:

 January 16-February 20, 2013

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