Institute for Global Listening and Communication

The Listening Course

The Listening Course is a 2-day seminar which focuses on listening - not speaking - as the foundation of all good communication.
In this course, you'll learn how: *Ignoring the listening half of the communication equation keeps you from achieving breakthrough success in your business and personal endeavors.
*To have a deeper experience of listening and being heard
*To "hear" your own reactive listening that causes stress
*To focus and practice empowered listening that fosters trust, safety and partnership
*To practice the four-step approach to breaking long-time drama/conflict patterns
*To practice the powerful nine tools that provide effective lifetime communication skills
To continue developing this new listening muscle, there is a 12-1/hr integration and follow-up program, which includes weekly calls, plus exercises and practical homework to ensure that the principles of effective communication stay with you long after the course ends.