Institute for Global Listening and Communication

The Relationship Course

 Over the years, there have been thousands of books written about relationship.  The "ego" wants to know "how to do" relationship. The moment ego and pride enter relationship, the purpose for relationship is compromised.


It is the philosophy of The Institute that relationships are designed to transcend the pettiness of ego and pride. It is our premise that relationships serve the purpose of elevating the participant to the highest, purest level of communication achievable.  Ego and pride are the thieves that rob us of the very thing we work so hard to achieve, complete honesty, safety and unconditional love.


The Relationship course is designed to identify the "secret" covenant that ego and pride make that sabotage the relationship from the beginning.


Through the practice of the 12 Principles of Relationship, the participants leave the course with practical tools:

*That allow them to recognize, replace and respond with appropriate actions

*That enhance, encourage and empower their current relationship. 

*That through several powerful yet fun exercises, actually experience "outside-the-box" processes

*That change the way in which they respond, not react, to relationship challenges.

The 12 Principles of Relationship, when practiced, allow your relationship to become the marvel it was intended to be.

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