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Give the Gift of Listening. Invite One and discover the possibilities!

Listening to your higher angels -
The Angel Chair™

What if you could be REAL in all your relationships?


RECOGNIZE insecurities and change harmful habits that get in the way of building confidence and credibility


END "here we go again" misunderstandings and "drama" in relationships with loved ones and colleagues


ACCESS the root cause of listening “filters” that hinder accomplishment and efficiency


LEARN tools to listen and communicate authentically, respectfully and without apology

The Angel Chair offers women:

♦ 90-minute, online sessions over eight-weeks
♦ Conducted in small groups 
♦ A course design that gives you the time you need to review, explore and resolve important issues through meaningful dialogue
♦ Challenging, tailored homework exercises
♦ A foundational understanding of the nine tools of empowered mindful listening, a proprietary system and practice for improving relationships, one conversation at a time


The Institute courses and coaching have been invaluable to my growth and communication skills! Here's to future growth!
Janice M
Entreprenuer, Interior Designer.
Your teachings go beyond each coaching session; what you taught me has enriched communication with others on a daily basis.
Nancy R.
Businesswomen, Leather Product Designer.
Dr. McCall's laser-like approach allowed me to improve my overall performance and the performance of others. The team was able to support a 57% increase in volume, an increased level of complexity in the delivered product, all while incurring a 20% decrease in headcount support.
Charmaine S
Sr. Director - Network Operations, AT&T
My participation in the Angel Chair Class supported me to become aware of many self- sabotaging patterns in my life. I felt safe to share unfiltered thoughts which allowed me to work thru many repeating road blocks. I also learned so much about myself through listening to others. I feel much more aware of myself and will forever be empowered to make better choices in my life. I definitely recommend this experience for everyone!
Dr. Julie Jhonson
Past clients include

The Coaches that drive the evolution

The Institute For Global Listening and Communication (IGLC) is an international coach training and communication solutions company, anchored by the belief that listening is the single most important component of any conversation. Regardless of the focus – coaching, leadership, couples, parenting, family relationships – IGLC exists to establish listening as the nucleus of all communication.

Carol McCall, Ph.D

Dr. Carol McCall, founded the IGLC in 1990. She is author of several books and articles on listening, and subject of several media interviews as well. Dr. McCall is the first African-American woman to receive the Master Certified Coach designation from the International Coach Federation from 2002-2017 and she is a Fellow member at the Institute of Coaching-McLean-Harvard Medical School Affiliate. Dr. McCall was also the first African American, honorary, invitee delegate to the 50th anniversary of the United Nations, on February 9th 1995, to listen to the General Assembly of world leaders to draft the declaration to be adopted at the special commemorative meeting honoring the 50th Anniversary of the UN.


Ana Floyd, PCC

Ana Floyd, PCC, has co-owned and co-led the IGLC for more than 25 years. Ana is a certified trainer for the Listening Course, a licensed trainer for the Possibility of Woman course, Life Development Coach in Communications program graduate and trainer, and has logged several thousand client coaching and training hours with program participants from around the world. Ana is the Board Secretary for the International Coach Federation (ICF) – San Diego chapter. She is a supervisory board member with the Women in Leadership Executive Program for University of California, Santa Barbara extension and also a Fellow member at the Institute of Coaching – McLean-Harvard Medical School Affiliate.

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Get to know your own listening style. We’ll do an analysis and even give you a free special 30 - minute coaching session when you complete the listening questionnaire! Rate the following using a scale of 1 to 10: 10 = true ; 5 = somewhat true; 1 = not true
1. I make quick decisions about what others are going to say, I don’t really need to hear the rest of the sentence.
2. I listen to people to get to the “bottom line”. I want them to hurry up!
3. I finish people’s sentences to show that I understand them.
4. I interrupt people’s sentences if I already know what they’re going to say.
5. I make up I am listening while doing several other things; I’m efficient / a “multi-tasker”.
6. The reason I listen is to get something out of the conversation that applies to me.
7. I usually listen to myself when I’m speaking.
8. I’m at ease listening to my hunches and intuition.
9. I worry about what I'm going to say next.
10. I look for other things besides the words in a communication (cadence, voice volume, pauses, eye movements, gesturing).
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