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The Institute For Global Listening and Communication (IGLC) is an international coach training and communication solutions company, anchored by the belief that listening is the single most important component of any conversation. Regardless of the focus – coaching, leadership, couples, parenting, family relationships – IGLC exists to establish listening as the nucleus of all communication. Founded in 1990 by Carol McCall, Ph.D, Dr. McCall is a trailblazer of the coaching industry, having worked with and trained some of coaching’s most celebrated leaders. As the first African-American woman to receive the Master Certified Coach designation from the International Coach Federation, Dr McCall built a world-class coach-training curriculum and business, long before coaching was accepted by mainstream business and culture.

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The Institute Teaches Empowered Mindful Listening!

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HOW IT WORKSListening Process

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Review of The Listening Analysis

Set up and implement a practice structure to face challenging communication through mindful listening.

Increasing Your Ability To Practice

The 2nd element helps you practice “in-the-moment” actions to achieve your goals.

Discovery Of The Cause Of Your Daily Stress

This element will help you discover how you cause daily stress in your personal and professional life.

Increasing Your Ability To Mindfully Listen

This element will increase your ability to mindfully listen to any communication, any time under any situation.

Discovering The “Words To Avoid“

This element helps discovering the “words to avoid” that reduce conflict and increase mindful listening.

Pulling It All Together

Pulling It All Together-The Practice Of Becoming A Mindful Listener. Unlock the hidden patterns that sabotage your ability to mindfully listen.


Change Is Always An Inside Job

Past clients include
See what other pioneers of coaching say about our founder

“There are incredible people in this world, and then there are people like Carol McCall who elevate the word incredible to an even higher level.
Carol and I worked together in the coach training business back in the late 1980s and while I was an accountant trying to be like a coach, Carol was a coach from the very beginning and has continued to be so over the years. Carol = Coach. It’s as simple as that. She’s natural, caring, willing, fearless and capable.
Carol is a model of coaching and I love and respect her very much.”

(The late) Thomas J. Leonard
Founder, CoachU and,
The International Coach Federation (ICF)

“Alongside Thomas Leonard, Carol McCall was a pioneer in the coaching profession back in the late ’80s. She was an influential part of my early years in coaching and many of her lessons still serve me today. Carol is a coach’s coach.”

Sandy Vilas
President, CoachU and
How We Can Support You

Live, In-person Courses and Retreats

We deliver the nine tools of empowered mindful listening, solutions for forging stronger relationships through listening that create productive outcomes

Online Coaching

A structured and disciplined curriculum for coaches to hone their listening skills and coaching craft

Workplace Solutions

Daily practice of this nine-tool system supports teams to identify strengths, manage personality differences and diffuse here-we-go-again conflicts

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During your consultation, your coach will answer your questions and create a listening plan.

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