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Our interactive programs will take you, step by step, through the process of examining your own listening and communication style.

In our courses, you will find your strengths and areas to be developed and learn how to practice and strengthen your ability to listen and communicate effectively.

Each program provides one-on-one instruction and a personalized approach to support you to implement valuable structures that you’ll use the rest of your life.

COACHINGLife Development Coach in Communication Program


Coaching Is

* becoming clear about goals
* being motivated/compelled to action
* being consistently productive

Coaching Is Not

* telling the client what to do
* making the client “feel good“
* making the coach an expert

Who is a Coach?

* someone who co-designs lives with others
* someone who chooses to be a resource, reference point and guide for others
* someone who creates the space and safety for others to experience their own empowerment

What Is the LDCC Program?

*Participants learn how communication can be the vehicle through which performance is unlocked. The nine tools of listening require taking action and become the catalyst for supporting clients to achieve their committed results in life.
"Listening is a gift. It is the nucleus of communication. Listening requires that you give up the right to interpret what's being said and remain "present" to what is being spoken. Listening requires that the speaker's commitments, concerns and possibilities are heard. Listening provides affinity, wholeness and well being."
~Carol McCall PhD
Leadership In A New Era

Courses and Programs

The Possibility of Women's Course (POW)©
This 3-day course provides individual and group practice in applying seven tools of effective communication. These tools enable women to break free from old, negative communication and negative health producing habits and replace those habits with effective new ones.

This course addresses the challenges of being a woman in the 21st century and balancing the many roles a woman is required to play. The workshop is a vehicle through which women awaken to the powerful, untapped resource that they are, and discover/recover the "core" of who you authentically are irrespective of the roles you play.
The Angel Chair©
The Angel Chair© (Online Webinar) offers women 90-minute, online sessions over a 8-week period, conducted in small groups and designed for you to have adequate time to review, explore and resolve important issues through meaningful dialogue and challenging tailored homework exercises, based on the nine tools.

These in depth conversations for growth create a safe setting to:
Recognize insecurities and change actions that build confidence and credibility;
End misunderstandings and “drama” that repeat in relationships with loved ones and colleagues;
Access the root cause of listening “filters” that hinder accomplishment and efficiency;
Learn tools to communicate authentically, respectfully and without apology
Listening Course©
The Listening Course teaches you how to listen in a mindful way that organically builds trust, safety and partnership. You learn how to:

* practice the nine tools for effective lifetime communication skills;

* practice the four-step system to break long-time drama/conflict patterns;

*practice how to recognize the stress-causing, reactive listening keeping your breakthrough business and personal success just out of reach.
Coach Training Program (LDCC)©
The Life Development Coaching in CommunicationsSM Program (LDCC) trains participants to develop masterful listening and provocative questioning skills.

Participants learn the process of applying and living from IGLC's nine practical and universal communication tools. These tools are enhanced by communication "distinctions" for living. In combination, these tools and distinctions provide a unique plan for living life with simplicity, peace of mind and the sense of living a "life of no regrets".

The areas covered are: Career/Finances, Health/Recreation, Relationships/Personal Growth.

This program is not a substitute for therapy. Coaches are not trained to "advise". Coaches are trained to listen and ask powerful, provocative, productive, problem solving questions that allow the client(s) to experience a results-oriented, proactive life. This focused, present/living-in-the-now orientation enables individuals to design and implement a life worth living well.

All work is interactive and self-paced. Program participants are requested to listen and communicate effectively in every area of their life, and most importantly with their clients. Participants learn to recognize potential challenges and coach through a broad range of life situations and circumstances.

Participants may also specialize in a particular field of interest, Health, Recreation, Personal Growth, etc.

Participants learn how communication can be the vehicle through which performance is unlocked. The nine tools of listening require taking action and become the catalyst for supporting clients to achieve their committed results in life.

Executive Coaching Program©
Corporate/Team Building Courses
Contact IGLC for a custom curriculum, designed to meet your needs and goals
12 One-Hour Coaching Sessions
12-1/hr weekly coaching calls, exercises and homework post-course support attendees to integrate the communication principles into daily life long after the course ends.

Books and Digital Products

Listen! There's a World Waiting to be Heard

Through case studies and personal stories, learn how to practice a profound shift in listening that allows for authentic & truthful communication exchange.
Attend our Online Angel Chair© course!

In the Angel Chair course, you will discover your distinct communication style and the listening habits that pull you towards or away from your goals. Sign up today!
I Know You Hear Me, Are you Listening?

Learn the communication tools that support individuals to expand their ability to practice presence through focus and thereby elevate listening to a state of being.

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